iMeter™ Wireless Hour Meter for Motorcycles


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iMETER Wireless Hour Meter™ by Hardline Products®

The most advanced, accurate, reliable hour meter made, and the easiest to Install!
No connections required, just peel and stick!
Automatically starts and stops from the running of your engine by sensing the resonance (vibration) of the engine. Only records when the engine is running. Will not record when you trailer your bike.
Works on Any Motorcycle, ATV/UTV or automatically. 2 or 4 stroke.

What’s the one aftermarket part that every four-stroke rider should invest in?
“A hour meter, plain and simple. Four-strokes live and die by how much time you put on them.”
                                     -Mitch Payton Pro-Circuit® Interview in Motorcross Action Magazine.

• No wiring required. No Power, ground or pick-up wire required. Just peel and stick.
• Includes Resettable Trip as well as total hours accumulated modes.
• Includes double sided tape and mounting screws.
• Waterproof and Shock Resistant meets a IP-68 Rating
• Built in Battery has 8 year lifespan.
• Includes Log Book to record the service life -oil changes, valve adjustments, spark plugs,   settings etc…
• Records & Displays to 9,999.9 hours
• Hour glass symbol automatically appears when engine is running and flashes on/off to indicate counting time.
• Display screen can be read with engine on or off.
• Erasable trip meter.
• Resolution: .1= 6 minutes
• Unit measures 2 1/8″ length x 1 1/2″ wide x 5/8″ high.
• Designed, Assembled and Tested in the USA. Made with Global and Domestic Parts.
• One Year Limited Warranty.
• Made with ROHS compliant components.
• CE Certified
• Patented

See FAQ’s for additional information.
Do not use this meter with Steering Stem mount HRMM-2. Use Mounts HRMM-3, HRMM-4 or HRMM-5.

Made with Solid state electronics, modern LCD. The iMETER has superb environmental durability and enhanced functionality making iMETER the best choice of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation or budget.

Note: Meter display has factory 5 digit code (OFF.5) displayed until you enable (turn on) meter. This action is only required once. Push and
hold button down for 6 seconds until code clears. Display will show
0.0 Your meter is now ready for operation.

“Time can also be used as a tool to allow you to do a better job maintaining your bike. To use time to your advantage, you first need to invest in an hour meter to keep track of it. Hour meters are inexpensive and easy to install. Once you’ve installed your hour meter, get yourself a simple log book to start keeping track of how much time is on not only your bike, but the different parts of your bike and when you’ve serviced them. You might think this is a waste of time, but trust me, it is beneficial in the long run.”
                                         -Bones Bacon Pro-Circuit® Interview in Motorcross Action Magazine.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in


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