Training Wheels Missing or Broken Parts?
Do not use Training Wheels if any part is Missing, Bent or Broken. email us at sales@hardlineproducts or call 888-413-8315.
We will get you the parts you need quickly.

Broken Block on Training Wheels? Do not over-tighten bolt and nut to blocks on training wheels or they could break. Tighten evenly 1/8 of a turn rotating between nuts until tight. Tighten to 12-13 ft. lbs. (16.26-17.62nm).
There will be a gap between blocks when finished. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN ATTEMPTING TO CLOSE GAP. It is ok to have an uneven gap between blocks, if you do not have a torque wrench to measure foot lbs. tighten nuts a little at a time, crisscrossing until you can not rotate axle by hand. Make sure to crisscross back and forth tightening each nut and each mount a little at a time until axle does not rotate by hand up or down. WARINING: DO NOT USE IF BLOCKS ARE BROKEN CONTACT HARDLINE PRODUCTS® FOR REPLACEMENT AT 888-413-8315

Mounting suggestions for Hour Meters. All Part numbers except HR-8062-2.
Our hour meters include two-sided tape and two serrated screws for mounting. You can use the tape and/or the screws. The tape alone is enough to hold the meter in most applications. You can mount your hour meter anywhere except on exhaust manifolds or mufflers. High engine heat temperature will not affect the meter. Vibration and water will not harm your meter either. Choose a location that is easy to read but out of the way from moving parts.

Mounting suggestions for Hour/Tach Meter P/N HR-8062-2.
This meter includes heavy duty hook and loop tape (Velcro®) only for mounting. There are no screw holes in the meter housing. You can mount your hour meter anywhere except on exhaust manifolds or mufflers. High engine heat temperature will not affect the meter. This hour/tach meter has a replaceable battery so avoid any area where the meter can be submerged in water. The meter can get wet but not submerged.

Mounting suggestions for Vibration Hour Meters. P/N HR-8065-2 and HR-9000-2.
All the information mentioned above in “Mounting Suggestions for Hour Meters” apply for vibration meters as well. Our vibration meters are the most sensitive when laying flat on a surface, however sometimes it is easier to read when hanging vertically (like a picture or clock on the wall). We suggest testing your application area first before committing to a mounting location. Here’s how: Choose an area that is closest to the source of the engine’s or electric motors vibration. With the unit running press your vibration meter to the surface for 10-15 seconds with your fingers. The hour glass icon on the left side will begin blinking when it experiences non-stop vibration. If so that is a good mounting area. Proceed mounting with two-sided tape or screws depending on your application area. If the icon on the left hand side does not blink try the same area if possible holding the meter flat (horizontally). Our vibration meters are at the most sensitive when laid flat. If that does not work choose another application area and repeat testing site area again until the hour glass icon is blinking. Mount with tape or screws.

Operational instruction of the grey button on Vibration Meters. P/N HR-8065-2 & HR-9000-2.
When you open your package the meter display will say “OFF.5” The meter is shipped OFF so as not to recored time until you receive it. Turn the meter on by holding down the grey button for 10 seconds until the screen says “0.0” now your meter is ready to record hours. You only need to do this once to activate the meter. All recording from here on in will be automatic when the meter senses continuous vibration.

Operational instruction of the grey button on all other other meters. P/N HR-8063-2, HR-8061-2, HR-8062-2, HR-8067-2, HR-8068 & HR-9000-2.
Hold the grey button down continuously to scroll to other functions. Let off the button when desired function is seen. If your meter is HR-8061-2 or HR-8062-2 and you are programming desired spark inputs let off button when desired input is on screen, Input will begin flashing. Touch button once to record that input.

Hour Meter says TM1 and TM2 at the top right side of the screen. 
If you bought an Hardline Products standard hour meter (p/n HR-8063-2) and you see TM1 or TM2 when you push the button, you have an hour meter that includes two trip meters. Just like the trip meter on your car you can reset the trip meters when ever you desire or leave them to accumulate. Use the TM1 and TM2 function for air filter changes or top end rebuilds. Total hours accumulated will not be reset. To reset hold button down to scroll to TM1 or TM2. Release button and then hold down until trip hours reset to 0. Do this for each “TM1” and “TM2” modes.

Hour Meter Wire Length
Our wired hour meters include a 12″ pick-up wire. If you need a longer wire we offer 5, 10 and 15 foot lengths on our website. you can also use 18 or 20 gauge automotive wire from the auto parts store. Use one continuous piece with no splices or connections. We suggest testing the length of wire before you plumb it. We have had success up to 14 feet long pick-up wire length.

HOUR METERS – I purchased your hour meters for my new four stroke and the coil must be built into the plug cap as it doesn’t have a spark plug wire. Is there another way to connect it?
The newer four-strokes engines and motorcycles (YZF, CRF, KXF, etc..) have the coil mounted right on top of the spark plug, thus there is no coil wire running down to the plug like the old days! No problem, our hour meter will still work. Wrap the wire around the circumference of the boot or the round epoxy case that covers the spark plug. A few revolutions around the boot or coil head will suffice.
This is the easiest way.
Another alternative is to splice into the kill switch wire that goes up to the handlebars, but if you are not comfortable with cutting into wires and properly sealing, do not do it. Call us at 888-413-8315 and we will try to help.

HOUR/TACH METER Part No. HR-8061-2 – I am not getting the correct RPM reading even when I make an input adjustment from 2P/1R to 1P/1R or vice versa.
This hour/tach meter is limited to two or one cylinder engines. is the engine you are using this meter on 1 or 2 cylinders? If you have more than 2 cylinders use part number HR-8062-2. if your engine is 2 cylinders and you have made input adjustments but this still has not solved the incorrect  RPM reading try wrapping the black pick-up wire a few times around both spark plug wires and then returning it to the hour meter. Depending on the electrical system and the engine phasing this installation adjustment may solve your problem.

Troubleshooting Tips for Imeter.

Meter Won’t Turn On:
When you receive the meter the display will read “0000.5” or “OFF.5” This the default factory code. The meter will not work until this code is cleared (enabled). Hold the button down on the front of the meter until you see the hour glass icon flash. The screen will clear and read 0.0 Your meter is ready to operate. You only have to enable the meter once when you receive it brand new.

Meter Won’t Record When Engine is Running:
The Imeter reads best when it is closest to the horizontal (flat)
position as possible. With the engine running move the Imeter around to differnt locations. Test the considered
areas by holding down the Imeter with your hands while the engine is running. When the hour glass icon begins
blinking you have located a good spot. Mount permantly with two sided tape or screws included.

Registration Numbers do not require dashes!
The Federal guideline is a space between the prefix (first two letters in your registration) and suffix (last two letters in your registration) equal to a letter or number other than “1” or “I”. You do not need to put dashes between them. Our kits do not include dashes because you don’t need them and they make your registration sequence look odd, especially against other boats around.

How do I get my stickers to line up straight?
Use Sticker-On! Decal Application Fluid. Just spray it on the back of the decal and it allows you to slide and position the decal into place. No more bubbled or wrinkled decals!

Do I need the large bottle of Sticker-On! or will the 2 oz. version do?
The large bottle is for dealers who do a lot of OEM decal replacement. The 2 oz. version is more than sufficient to install your registration numbers, logo decals, racing numbers, backgrounds and other decals.

How do I get my old decals off?
Use a hair dryer to warm the decals and they should peel right off. Do small sections at a time. If you use a heat gun, be careful not to burn your paint or finish.

How do I remove the adhesive from the old decals?
Use Sticker-Off! Decal Adhesive Remover. Just spray it on the adhesive, allow a few minutes for the product to penetrate and then wipe away with a clean, soft cloth.

Where do I put my registration numbers?
The law mandates that your registration numbers must be on the forward half of the vessel above the waterline in colors contrasting with the background of the application area.

Number kit for Inflatable Boats PVC or Hypalon.
Use part number INFBLK350 for black decals that will stick to PVC or Hypalon inflatable boats. Install with boat inflated. Wipe application area with alcohol first and let dry. Some inflatables thickness of the “canvas” may require you to warm up application area first with a hair dryer to help the decals adhere. If you plan on deflating the boat use our registration plates instead of applying the decals to the “canvas”. Part number 11-5064.

Why does your carbon fiber pattern look better than the other ones I have seen?
Our pattern was designed exclusively by our in-house artist. It took months of testing to come up with a carbon fiber pattern that looked great and matched industrial carbon fiber but worked in every color combination. We are the original producers of the “Factory Matched Carbon Fiber Number Kit” and it shows when you see the product.

What do I do if I have three of the same digits in my registration sequence?
Occassionally people are assigned a registration number that has three of the same digits in each sequence. Our packages come with 4 sets of A-Z and 4 sets of 0-9 so you will be short 2 digits. Send a self-addressed envelope to Hardline Products 7766 SW Jack James Drive Stuart, FL 34997. We will send the letters or numbers FREE of charge. Or, email us at sales@hardlineproducts with the part number of your package, your address, the decals needed and the registration number of your vessel. Please allow a few days turnaround time to receive your decals.

The clamps in your ATV License Plate are too small for my quad. What do I do?
Make sure you are installing the ATV License Plate Kit in the proper area. The proper area should be your grab rail in the back of your quad or the luggage rack. If the clamps are still too small, try removing the rubber grommets that are wrapped around each clamp. If the license plate clamps are still too small, use the wire ties that are included in each package for installation.

If I buy your ATV License Plate Kit, can I ride my Quad on the road?
Our ATV License Plate Kit does not make your ATV street legal. Some states do allow ATV’s to be used on the road when outfitted with the proper equipment. However, the ATV License Plate Kit is for displaying your off- road registration decal and/or assigned numbers on the back of your ATV.

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