TT-P package

Terminal Tender Battery Post Expanders.


Product Description

Terminal Tender™ Battery Post Expansion Blocks are specifically designed to safely power up to six different accessories for your 12v battery on any power-sports vehicle.

Use Terminal Tender to properly manage accessory power. Terminal Tender  make sure all your accessories are getting the full voltage they require and comply with proper wiring standards.

Stacking ring terminals or loose wire ends on battery cables is dangerous and may cause damage to your accessories due to voltage drops. Use Terminal Tenders to avoid damaging your additional accessories and help control messy wires at your battery.

Designed to be used on UTV’s, S&S, ATV’s & Motorcycles.
*Terminal Tender will fit under seats on motorcycles especially Harley Davidson® where the battery is mounted with little clearance

  • Connects up to (6) accessories to your power sports battery.
  • Machined to fit on top of 12volt battery terminals used in power-sport vehicles
  • (3) different mounting options, side, front and top.
  • Includes both (+) and (-) terminal tenders.
  • Use for chargers, GPS, Winch and Light-bars.
  • Fits any powersport battery.
  • Includes (2) Tender blocks, (2) post 4 mm hex screws and (6) accessory 4 mm hex screws.
  • CNC machined aluminum for precise fitment and contact to post.
  • Will not rust.
  • Made in the USA.
    UPC # 632194726574

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