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QuikStem™ Push-In Tire Valve Stem System


Product Description

QuickStem Push In Tire Valve Stem is designed to quickly replace torn, damaged or leaking tire stems. Just push-in, tighten nut and inflate. You do not need to break the bead or remove the tire from the rim.

Use on Side by Sides, UTV, ATV, Motorcycles street/dirt, Trailers, Trucks, Autos and Lawn mowers.

How does it work? When you insert the QuikStem into a rim and tighten down the nut the rubber grommet expands to more than a third of the size of the rim hole creating a seal.

The seal also goes around any small irregularities or imperfections your stem hole might have. The skirt of the grommet seals down tight and expands on the outside of the tire to complete a 3 way seal on your rim and tire.

Keep a pair in your toolbox to fix a flat quickly from tire stem damage or leakage.

Use on trailers to replace those sun rotted valve stems before you break-down on the road.

• Works on any tubeless rim. Rated up to 200psi.
• Fits .453″ rim holes which is the most popular size in power sports.
• Fits your SxS, UTV, ATV, Motorcycles street/dirt, Trailers, Trucks, Lawn Mowers and Auto’s.
• Use for quick fixes to flats from tire stem damage or wear.
• 60 Second install.
• Constructed of Alloy Steel, will not rust.
• Sold in pairs.
• Patent pending.

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