Personal Signaling Device (PSD) Down Alert




The Down Alert PSD® is a bright orange and yellow reflective sleeve that helps increase your visibility to alert other boaters in a busy waterway.

One of the greatest concerns for waterspouts participants is getting run-over by another boat in the busy waterway while they wait, alone and unaided, for their boat to come back around to them. The Down Alert PSD® helps your kids, family and friends instantly alert and be more visible  to other boaters that there is a person in the water. Skier down flags only bring visibility to the boat not the person in the water. Put increased Safety and Visibility at your finger tips while in the the water waiting for your tow-boat to pick you up, use a highly visible Down Alert PSD®.

• Use for Water skiing, tubing, wakeboard and bare footing.
• Light and compact Nylon/Polyester reflective flag fits around your hand.
• Reflective diamond marker, easy & effective signaling.
• Elastic bands hold wrap to your arm.
• One size fits all.
• Wraps around  your arm when not in use.
• Won’t interfere with your watersport activities
• Deploys easily, pull, slide, alert and then store.
• Patent-pending design.

UPC: 864281000460



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in


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