Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish™



RX UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish™ Provides a Micro-Thin Layer of UV Protectant that Moisturizes and Maintains Factory Shine Quickly and Easily.
Removes Dirt, Bugs, Water-Spots & Salt. This Advance Formula leaves your Boat, UTV, Motorcycle, PWC or any Powersports Vehicle with a Protective Finish and Shine that Prevents Sun, Dirt and Water Spot Damage.

  • • Maintains Vinyl Glass Windows for Excellent Clarity.
  • • Protects Gauges, Windscreens, Fairings and Instrument Faces.
  • • Polishes Paint, Gel-Coat and Colored Plastic.
  • • Shines and Protects Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Chrome
  • • Provides UVA/UVB and Anti-Static Protection


Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish is Specifically Made for the Protection and Longevity of Today’s Modern Plastics, Polycarbonates, Vinyl Glass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Paint.

Our Advanced Formula exceeds the standard for protecting plastic, paint and metal surfaces found on Boats, Motorcycles, PWC, ATV’s, UTV’s and all the accessories that go with them.

Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish seals the surface with a micro-thin layer of UV protectant. This advanced formula restores nutrients that sun, water and dirt take away. Just one use moisturizes and restores shine quickly and easily giving you a showroom shine!

Use Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish to clean and protect any plastic and metal. Just spray and wipe clean. Clean & Shiny feels good!

Boaters use Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish on your Isinglass®, Strata Glass®, Lexan®, Perspex®, Makralon® polycarbonate, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, Gel-Coat or any painted surface. Your vinyl windows will stay cleaner longer from dirt, water spots, salt spray and help prevent damaging UV rays that dry out vinyl windows and ruin them. Regular use on vinyl glass will double your windows life.

UTV owners use RX UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish on your windshield. RX treated windshields
will stay cleaner longer and bead water better.

• Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish Provides 100% UVA and UVB protection.

• Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish cleans and protects from dirt, water spots, salt spray and grime.

• Use Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish on vinyl glass routinely to preserve clarity and prevent costly repairs. For boaters with vinyl windows this product is a must! Use often and your vinyl glass will stay supple and clear.

• For ragtop automobiles and clear bras, use between washings to maintain UV protection and shine and help prevent scratches.

• Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish conditions vinyl glass and helps avoid costly repairs from scratches and sun damage.

• Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish is an Advanced Formula UV Protectant that is safe to use on gauge lenses, bezels, trim, instruments, hatches and windscreens to protect from oxidation and add shine to your surfaces.

• Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish has an Anti-Static formula that reduces salt residue, dirt buildup. Contaminates don’t stick as easily and wash away easier with frequent use of RX.

• Great for Motorcycle plastic and paint. Gives you that showroom shine. Use on helmets and visors to repel water for better visibility.

• RX UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish improves wet weather riding visibility. Water beads and rolls off your windshield/windscreen giving you clearer vision in the rain. Use on your helmet visor/goggles as well.

• Off road motorcyclists use on goggles lens to reduce amount of dust and dirt obscuring your vision. Goggles will stay cleaner longer.

• Excellent for Stainless Steel and Aluminum and solid surfaces like granite. Leaves a smooth slick shine that repels water, fingerprints and stains. Makes clean up easier.

• Works great for Motorcycle /UTV /PWC plastic bodywork leaving a glossy shine. Use on Helmets and visors too!

• Aerosol can gives you the best product experience dispensing RX consistently every time.

• For Best results use Micro-Fiber Towels. See our website for great towels!
Never use paper towels.

• Works Excellent on Top of  Ceramic Coatings.

• Made in the USA

• UPC: 632194723611

Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish™ “Makes our race boat windshield bead water better than anything we have ever used in the past. It’s the clear choice for my throttle man and I.” -Brit Lilly Driver Huski Racing Team.

Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish™ is the most price effective solution to other plastic cleaners on the market today.

Rx UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish™ is the most advance formulation to date, at 50% the cost of other outdated cleaners!

PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including 2,2′-iminodiethanol, ethylbenzene, benzene, naphthalene, which is/are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and methanol toluene, benzene, which is/are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. VOC Information: Product PWMIR=0.18. Applicable California Aerosol Coating Category ( Specialty: Vinyl/Fabric/Leather/Plastic Coating) Reactivity limit=1.45.
Conforms to ORMD guidelines. Meets California CARB compliance.
14oz. (396g) Aerosol Can



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