Yotsuba Mini Motorcycle E-Bike 12″ White


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Yotsuba Motorcycle E-Bike is designed between small kick bikes and mini-bikes for kids. This 12″ frame is perfect for small kids (2.8-3.0 ft.) who are too young for an engine driven motorcycle. The 16″ frame is for larger children (3.3ft and larger) but still with the convenience and benefits of an electric motorcycle.

Light Weight, small, easy and friendly electric bike. Ride anywhere, dirt, up hill, gravel trails and even through puddles. These bikes are easy to stand up after a fall over. Starting to ride at early ages is the foundation for building a skill set safely for motorcycle operation for years to come.

These E-bikes do not have sharp and rotating objects and chain and sprockets. Instead these bikes use hub motors for smooth starts and controlled acceleration with 3 different speed modes.

• Unique 3 Axis Falling Sensor -Motor stops automatically when falling down
• 24 Volt Rechargeable Battery.
• 2+ Hour Run Time on Full Charge.
• 3 Speeds -Slow, Medium & Advanced.
• Built in Hub Motor -No chains or sprockets to pinch.
• Steering Stabilizer.
• Water Resistance Design -Kids can ride through puddles and wash bike.
• Light Weight Design -Easily loading in SUV.
• Small Twist Throttle Grip -Kids with small hands no problem.
• Low to Ground Design -Kids feet easily touch the ground.
• Adjustable Seat Height.
• Lithium Ion Battery
• Red & Blue Graphics included with each bike.
• White Powder Coated Frame.

Specifications for Meow 12″ Frame Motorcycle EBike.
Length: 39.37″
Width: 18.5″
Height: 23.22″
Wheel Base: 28″
Lowest Seat Height: 14.76″ Height Range 3.14″
Min.under Clearance: 4.33″
Front & Rear Suspension: Rigid
Front Brake: V brake
Rear Brake: Drum
Tire Size: 12″ x 2.125″
Weight: 27.5 lbs.
Speeds: 11mph. /7mph. / 4mph.
Motor: Brushless Hub.
Battery: Lithium 24V4.0Ah
Rated Output: 250W
Rated Voltage: 24V
Charge Time: 2.5 hours
Running Time Fast/Normal/Slow: 35min/70min/120min.
Acceptable Max body weight: 99 lbs.
Age use: 3-6 years old.

CAUTION: Yotsubamoto is competition type bike. Do not ride on public roads. Ride only with parental supervision.

Note: Charge fully for 2.5 hours before first use.

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