Trailer-Slide™ 360º Ball Caster


Product Description

Avoid accidents and injuries trying to move your trailer hitch. Trailer-Slide™ makes moving a trailer hitch safe and hassle free. With Trailer-Slide 360º hitch dolly, positioning your trailer hitch is easy and safe, helping you avoid accidents and injuries. Traditional trailer jack stands have a big round wheel at the bottom of the jack stand. That wheel requires allot of force to turn and get the trailer hitch moving in the direction you want it to go. If you have cracked, pitted asphalt or concrete the wheel jack is even harder to move and can hang up easily. Trailer-Slide 360º hitch dolly moves in any direction effortlessly on asphalt or concrete. Six specially designed corrosion resistant ball casters specifically positioned on the bottom of the unit allow you to move your hitch in any direction with little effort. Do you park your trailer on angle with your tow vehicle? Is the ball latch difficult to release? When you park your trailer on an angle it puts a little bit of “spring” into your hitch. Using Trailer-Slide under your jack stand releases that “spring” when you disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle. Trailer-Slide is designed to hold up to 700 lbs. tongue weight. It’s low profile design provides stability with any style hitch. Trailer-Slide is great for storage and can be left under the hitch until the next hook up.

SKU: TS-1.

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