Kayak, SUP or Canoe Stands


Product Description

Shore Tee™ Footstakes are the quick and easy way to store your Kayak, SUP or Canoe off the ground.

Keep rainwater, mold, foilage, dirt and rodents off of your expensive water equipment.

Push the stake into the ground, sand or beach with your foot, place vessel onto top of stakes upside down or right side up. Eyelet’s built in for tie downs. (tiedowns not included)

Perfect for the summer cottage, condo on the beach or lake house.

• Polyurthane padded top will not scratch or dent.
• Injection molded HDPE automotive grade plastic.
• Use on Sand, Beach, Lawn or Dirt.
• Will not corode or rust in fresh or saltwater.
• 24″ tall by 20″ wide.
• Lightweight 3.1 lbs.
• Floats if needed.
• Sold in pairs.
• Made, designed and extruded in the USA!


SKU: AP400199.

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