Resettable Hour Meter with Service Alerts for PWC


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This meter helps you Service on time, every time! Every 50 hours of operation “CHANGE OIL NOW” will
flash. Every 100 hours of running “CHANGE CHANGE SPARK PLUGS NOW” will flash, at 200 hours of operation the meter will flash “VALVE SERVICE NOW”. All functions count down showing you
balance of time before scheduled service. Each Function is re-settable by holding down the
button when the service function that is due is flashing or you can reset each service function at your own interval.
This meter is perfect for 4-Stroke Personal Watercraft to meet maintenance requirements.
This also meter includes a MOTO TIMER mode to track running sessions. It can be
erased with reset button. Meter includes total hours accumulated mode that is

  • Easy Installation no power or ground required.
  • Avoid Costly rebuilds and reduce down time.
  • Works on all 2 & 4 stroke engines and Fuel Injection models
  • Operates with new generation 4 stroke “pen stick” coils, or earlier generation ignitions.
  • no power or ground wires required-Just plug and play!
  • No Power Required – Includes 10 year battery sealed inside.
  • Display Screen can be read with engine on or off.
  • waterproof
  • includes double sided tape, screws, and fasteners.
  • non-erasable total hours accumulated mode.
  • Easy installation.
  • Unit measures 2 1/4″ length x 1 1/2″ wide x 5/8″ high.
  • Pick-up wire length can be trimmed.
  • Designed, Assembled and Tested in the USA. Made with Global and Domestic Parts.
  • CE Certified, ROHS
  • IP 68 Rating.
  • UPC:632194080706
  • If your engine has a pencil/stick type coil ignition (A) wrap the
    pick up wire from the meter around the dust boot of the coil where it sits on top of the spark plug. Test installation by running engine, hour glass icon on meter will blink if installed
    correctly. It is ok to trim excess wire.Click Here for Install Video


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