Digital Powersports Thermometer Gauge



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This digital thermometer is perfect for powersports vehicles and vessels. Get accurate
temperature readings from your engine to prevent overheating  damage.

• Cylinder head temperature gauge or radiator temperature gauge.
• Universal fits any motor with spark plug or a radiator pick-up.
• Excellent for outboard motors on boats.
• Includes two ways to pick-up temperature. Spark plug mount or radiator wedge.
• Radiator wedge measures 3/8″ wide x 13/8″ long.
• Easy Install. No disassembly or plumbing required.
• Includes replaceable sealed battery
• Tempature range -4-+302ºF (-20-+150ºC)
• Temperature accuracy +/- 1% ºC (ºF)
• Settable Fahrenheit or Celsius unit.
• Waterproof with IP68 rating.
• 1/2” x 1 1/4” LCD Display.
• Green backlit display button.
• Battery Life Indicator on Screen
• Made with Marine Grade Polymer Material.
• One Year Limited Warranty.
• 15mm I.D x 20.5mm O.D. ring terminal used for spark plug pick-up.
• Extension wire up to 14 feet long available. Part no. TH-1EXT
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